5 things to do after launching a new website

new website

Your brand new accounting or bookkeeping website has just gone live, congratulations! But what should you do now?

Make sure you tell everyone!

Explain the new features of your website in various ways.

1. Write a blog post

Blogs are a great way to keep your site updated and communicate with your audience. Bizink’s websites automatically post your blogs out to your social media accounts as well! Spread the news across different channels with just one click.

2. Post on social media

Social media is vital for modern accounting and bookkeeping firms. Having external sites linking to your site is good for search engine rankings as well. Posting on social media also allows you to reach your audience in the places they hang out and spread your message easily.

3. Send an email campaign

Tell your clients and prospects about your new website via email, one of your most powerful marketing tools.

Make sure you tell them about cool features and any freebies that are available on your site.

Bizink sites include useful resources for small business owners which could be a great starting point.

4. Include a link in your email signature

Add your new website to your email signature along with an invitation to check out your new website. It might seem simple, but it works!

5. Keep your website fresh

Make sure you are regularly blogging and updating your site. This is a great way to keep your site fresh, boost your search engine ranking and make the most of seasonal events. Remember to remove outdated content though.

Use Bizink’s Business Booster Blogs to keep your site updated and relevant for your audience.

At Bizink, we’re experts in building high-performing websites for accountants and bookkeepers. Book a demo with one of our website specialists to find out why some of the best accountants and bookkeepers choose Bizink to power their online presence.

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