A month of marketing content for your firm

“Try before you buy” is a tried and true marketing technique. As an accountant, offering a free trial like apps do isn’t feasible. Likewise at Bizink, it’s hard to show the value we offer to accountants until after they sign up. This won’t show all of our automation features or customer service but here’s a bunch of marketing content that you are free to use. I’ve packaged up:
  • 4 blogs
  • Weekly email digests for your region
  • Key dates social media posts
  • Email template for asking clients for referrals
  • Outbound email templates for marketing to a niche
In other words, all your marketing covered for a month. Download the content and use it however you want. Bizink clients get access to a huge library of content like this. It’s built into our Website packages and Client Hubs which have tools for automatically sending the content to clients and prospects. If you just want the content, then our Content Pack is ideal. Hope you find it useful and book a time with our team if you’d like to know more.

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