Author: Gayatri Wood

Six automation ideas for social media success

Social media is an essential part of life today. For accountants and business owners it’s a fantastic way to connect with prospects, customers, influencers and even potential investors. For those who are wanting to be active on social channels, having a strategy is essential. Executing the strategy can be quite daunting and can become time …

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Social media for events

With the digital era, events don’t just mean sending out invites, than guests turning up, enjoying it, leaving and waiting in anticipation for the next one anymore. Nowadays, the experience starts well before the event and often can continue on well after the event is finished. The accounting and technology conference Xerocon is a great …

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Creating a Great Personal LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social platform and is a very important one for accountants. Think of it like permanently having a place where you can advertise the best of “you” so that anyone with an opportunity could find you. It’s a great way to extend your professional network, get more work opportunities and …

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