Bizink and myprosperity partner to help firms with marketing

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I’m proud to announce that Bizink has partnered with myprosperity to help their customers with marketing.

myprosperity has redefined how people track and manage their financial world. Founded in 2011, myprosperity is now the leading private wealth platform in Australia, with over 23,000 client subscribers and 550+ advisor partners, tracking more than $33B in Assets and $6B in liabilities.

myprosperity is built on extensive integrations with data feed providers to be the one place where a client can come together with their adviser to get control of their entire financial world. Property, loans, super, wills, insurance, banking and tax are all in one place so advisers can provide their clients with the best advice and help them reach their goals.

I met the CEO of myprosperity, Chris Ridd at the Accounting and Business Expo in Sydney earlier this year. We got round to talking about marketing and both agreed that it’s a big pain point for accountants, bookkeepers and advisers and that many coaches to the profession were promoting an approach to marketing that was overcomplicated. In response, we’ve worked closely with myprosperity on several marketing initiatives to make marketing your firm easier, even if you have little time or marketing skills.

How it will work

The partnership will mainly benefit customers of myprosperity and Bizink.

There are three cornerstones to the partnership:

  • Simplicity – if it’s not easy, it won’t get done so we’ve made it incredibly simple
  • Speed – you don’t have much time for marketing so we’ve made it ultra efficient
  • Great content – we’ll provide you content from myprosperity and Bizink that your clients and prospects will love

If you’re a current myprosperity partner, Bizink will help you to let your clients and prospects know about myprosperity and your wealth management services in general.

We can help in several ways including:

  • Lead generating websites
  • The Ascend marketing app
  • Marketing planning

Lead Generating Websites

Bizink has built several hundred websites for leading accounting, bookkeeping and planning firms across the globe.

Every website is packed with features and content to help you get more leads including blogs, email marketing and social media integration.

For myprosperity partners, we can now provide landing pages, email marketing templates and official content like videos.

If you’re already a Bizink client and want the myprosperity content and features turned on, fill out this form and one of our customer success team will be in touch.

For myprosperity partners interested in a Bizink website, book some time with one of our website specialists to find out more.

The Ascend marketing app

If you’re happy with your existing website, Ascend is Bizink’s new stand-alone marketing app.

Ascend has several modules including email marketing, blogs, landing pages and business resources. Whereas most marketing apps just give you the tools to do marketing, Ascend also gives you the content and of course that now means myprosperity content as well.

For example, want to to tell your clients about myprosperity? We’ve got a template for that! Just add your clients as subscribers and we’ll “mail merge” their details into a beautiful branded template. All you need to do is hit send when you want the email to go.

If you’ve bought a myprosperity Pro Pack, we’ve got some good news for you. You’ll get the basic Ascend subscription for free. This includes a landing page and lead magnet and would normally be $19 AUD per month.

Marketing Planning

In 2017, Bizink surveyed over 400 accounting and bookkeeping firms and whopping 68% didn’t have a marketing plan. In response, we launched our Marketing Blueprint service. With this service, Bizink helps you create One Page Marketing Blueprint (strategy) and 90 Day Marketing Plan (tactics) that is designed to get results fast.

The cost $999 but if you’ve bought a myprosperity Pro Pack, we’re offering this service completely free.

Join us at the myprosperity Roadshow

The partnership will officially launch at the myprosperity Roadshow Connected Innovation which is happening across Australia soon. Learn more and secure your free ticket on the myprosperity website.

I’m personally very excited about this new partnership. Since Bizink launched, we’ve done a lot to help you market to your business and tax clients but not much for your personal wealth clients.

In teaming up with myprosperity, one of the leaders in the personal wealth space, we’ve fixed that blind spot. I’m looking forward to working with the myprosperity team to bring make it incredibly easy to market to clients looking to grow and manage their personal wealth.

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  1. Hi, it wasn’t clear to me how I book the free 1hr Marketing Blueprint session. I am attending the Connected Innovation roadshow in Brisbane on the 13th June and I am interested to attend the Blueprint session with a colleague to learn more about your firm and its services.

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