Bizink buys into specialist branding agency

Troika Logo

Bizink has bought a majority shareholding in Troika, a branding agency that specialises in accounting firms.

The move adds custom design and marketing to Bizink’s core offering of websites and digital marketing.

How does this help you?

Accounting is an undifferentiated market. A distinctive brand helps you stand out from other firms.

Troika will create a brand strategy tailored to your ideal client and execute everything from your logo, font and colours through to designing the reports you send to clients.

Other services include custom marketing content like blogs, small business tools and ebooks.

How is this different from Bizink?

Bizink specialises in websites and digital marketing for accountants. While it does some custom work, the focus is on providing a platform to scale your firm online.

Troika is for your custom branding, design or marketing needs.

Bizink is a subscription model like a SaaS business whereas Troika does one-off projects like an agency.

The businesses compliment each other. In accounting terms, Bizink is like the monthly work you do for clients such as bookkeeping and financial statements. Troika is the big one-off projects like strategic consulting.

I’m interested – what are the next steps?

Send an email to with a brief overview of what branding or marketing support you need.

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