Bizink chosen as MYOB “Preferred Website Supplier”

Leading provider of business management solutions in New Zealand and Australia, MYOB, has chosen Bizink as one of its three “Preferred Website Suppliers”.

Of the three suppliers, Bizink is the only company that specialises in websites for accounting and bookkeeping firms.

Bizink and MYOB

Simon Dennis, National Sales Manager, SME Solutions at MYOB explains why they sought to partner with Bizink:

The subject of online and social media marketing is one of the most discussed topics in our Partner Community. Only 12 months ago, surveys across our Partner Connect events identified around 50% of our Partners did not yet have a website or an online marketing strategy of any kind. We want to change that and set out to find Preferred Suppliers of websites, online content, and social media.

Bizink ticked all the boxes right from our first meeting. They specialise in online marketing strategies for Accountants, Bookkeepers and Consultants and understand our market intricately.

This is the beginning of what we at MYOB believe will be a very important partnership – and are proud to welcome Bizink to MYOB’s Partner Community.

At Bizink, we’re excited about the partnership which will launch with a series of free online marketing workshops for accountants and bookkeepers call Marketing Quickstarter.

Matt Wilkinson, founder and CEO of Bizink said of the partnership:

We were delighted when the MYOB team asked us a collaborate on Marketing Quickstarter. Although accountants and bookkeepers in firms in New Zealand and Australia are leading the world in many ways, often their online marketing efforts could be a lot better. Through the six online workshops of Marketing Quickstarter, we’re going to give a blueprint for how to marketing your accounting or bookkeeping business firm online. And partnering with MYOB enables us to get in front of one of the largest audiences of accounting and bookkeeping professionals in the region

You can find out more about how Bizink and MYOB are working together on this page.


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