Bizink’s Guide to Getting a Great Case Study (with free email template)

What is a case study?

You’ve probably heard (or already have some) testimonials. They’re short statements from a client that communicates their feedback on your services, based on their personal experience. Testimonials are great but case studies are even better. Case studies go more in-depth to find out the results you were able to achieve for a client. They are a really powerful marketing tool and can be used on your website, blog, social media pages, email marketing and more.

You can even take it to the next level and get a video testimonial like our clients at Wise Advice did.

How to get a case study

We’ve found the following approach works best.

Email the client
Get in touch with your client to let them know you would love to get their feedback on how it has been working with you. Ask them for ~15 minutes of their time to chat about it. You can find the email template for this below.

Prepare questions before the call
Create a Case Study Brief document. It’s important to have some questions prepared in advance, in order to get the conversation started. Think about what you want to get out of the interview and which angle you might like to take with the promotion. For example, if you know you saved this client a lot of time on payroll, make sure you ask questions about that. A good question to start with is “Why did you choose to work with us?”

You will find a link to the Case Study Brief template below.

Let the client talk
It’s really important to note that while it is good to have questions prepared in advance, don’t let this inhibit the natural flow of conversation. Often your clients will naturally talk about things you may not have even realised you helped with, or the impact it had on them.

Give them a call
Contact them at the specified time and have a chat through your questions.

Let them know how the case study will be used
Clients appreciate it when you tell them how you plan to use their case study. A good line is:

“Thanks very much for all this, we really appreciate it. We’re planning to use this on our website, on the blog and we’ll promote it through social media as well. Are you happy if we also include a quote from you in a proposal to future prospects?”

Thank them
Thanking them over the phone and by email is absolutely necessary. You may choose to do something extra for them as well.


Download the email template and example case study brief document.

Got a question? Feel free to get in touch with Bizink’s practice marketing experts.

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