How to build a quality email list for your firm

email list

It’s important to have a good quality email list in order to do effective email marketing.

Here are some tips for building a great email list you can market to:

1. Create a lead magnet and put it on your website

Lead magnets are an exchange of value, you give away something valuable on your site in exchange for a visitor’s email address. We’d suggest an ebook, report or content that will interest your market.
Use social media to promote the lead magnet as well.

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2. Host an event

Small, local events are great marketing tools. Invite people to sign up with their email address so you can follow them up after the event as well. Don’t know what topic to choose for your event? Think about your clients’ pain points, or questions you get asked regularly.

3. Add an opt-in to your newsletter or blog option to your website.

Remember to regularly blog and send newsletters!

4. Offer a reward or giveaway in exchange for their email address

It might be a video, special discount, ebook or another type of content.

5. Encourage readers to forward emails to others

Direct the newbies to the signup form.

6. Add a signup link to your email signature

On both your personal and professional emails.

7. Give them good reasons to join

Such as useful tips, giveaways, subscriber-only benefits

8. Add a pop-up or scroll box to your website

Visitors might miss the signup box and are more likely to see a pop-up.
A scroll box shows up after they have scrolled to a certain section of a page.

9. Visit the places where your prospects are

(e.g. websites, blogs forums) and actively participate there. Include a link there as well.

In case you aren’t convinced about the power of email marketing, check out the stats here. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI, but many accountants and bookkeepers aren’t harnessing the power of it. Visit our marketing clinic if you’d like some help with your email marketing.

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