Can you automate your accounting firm’s marketing?

Can you put your firm’s marketing on auto-pilot?

The answer is somewhat. The idea of putting setting up an automated marketing system is appealing of course. But your marketing content still has to be created before it can be automated. So until AI advances, that means human input.

Your marketing content also has to be good. If you automate crap marketing, you’re just being efficient at spreading your crap everywhere!

But assuming you have good content, then automation can help your marketing be more consistent, efficient and effective.

Here are two ways to get your firm’s marketing automated:

1. Register for our webinar this week

We’re running a webinar this week called 5 marketing automations every Xero Partner should use with Xero Platinum Partner Brad Golchin. We’ll cover automations from onboarding clients through to getting more sales meetings.

Register for free on the Marketing for Xero Partners website.

2. Use Bizink’s marketing automation platform

Bizink Websites and Client Hubs are designed specifically for accountants. As well as marketing automation, you get content written for you by a team of expert business and accounting writers.

Automations include:

  • Post a blog and it automatically posts to social media
  • Email newsletters automatically created and sent for you
  • Automated online courses and drip marketing

Check out our website or chat to one of our team.

To your marketing success!

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