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Website Production Specialist

Sick of the daily commute?

Want a flexible job that fits round your life and not the other way round?

We’re looking for a Website Production Specialist to join our team. You’ll help our clients create outstanding websites that help them grow their businesses.

This is a varied role that would suit an all-rounder, who’s organised and enjoys giving great customer service.

Ideally, you’ll have a background in project or account management, preferably in websites. WordPress experience and some basic coding skills (HTML and CSS) would be an added bonus.

Some creativity is needed. One day you might be editing images in Photoshop, the next you might need to do a bit of copywriting.

You’ll be working across several projects at once. We’ve got systems and software to help you but you’ll still need to be organised and have good attention to detail. And as you’ll be working from home, being able to work under your own initiative is essential.

Our current main markets are Australia and New Zealand so ideally you’ll be based in one of those countries. You might also work with some clients in the US and Candada as we grow our business there but you won’t be expected to work North American business hours.

In fact, we don’t have business hours as such. You can structure your day however you want, as long as the work gets done. In fact, we encourage you to make the most of flexible working.

About Bizink

Our job is to make accountants incredible online.

Accountants? Incredible? You’re probably thinking that doesn’t fit the accountant stereotypes – dull, boring and definitely not incredible.

That might be true of some accountants but our clients are anything but boring. We work with entrepreneurial accountants who are in the cloud and tech savvy. They’re loved by their small business clients, who see them as their most trusted advisor.

You may have heard of Xero, a Kiwi tech company that has taken the accounting world by storm. We’re Xero Partners as are most of our clients and we’re excited to be part of the Xero revolution.

Bizink is a New Zealand company with clients in Australia, New Zealand, US, UK and Canada. Oh, and Curacao (Google it, we had to!).

Our team is spread across the globe, all working virtually.

Position Closed

We’ve now stopped taking applications for this position