Alloy Silverstein

“Bizink makes it easy for everyone, even those not experienced with marketing.” – Adrienne Dell’Olio

Alloy Silverstein is a large firm with a history going back more than 60 years. They’ve got offices in Cherry Hill and Hammonton, New Jersey and more than 20 staff. They came to Bizink back in 2016 and have since gone from strength to strength.

In August 2019, we sat down with Adrienne Dell’olio – Director of Marketing at Alloy Silverstein – to find out about their Bizink experience.

Winding the clock back a bit, why did you choose Bizink?

It’s going back a little while now but I think one of our partners received an email from Bizink. At that point, we were redoing our main website and were having trouble getting one unified message. We have two target markets and didn’t want to isolate either so we decided to go with a new Bizink website to target one of those in particular,” Adrienne explained.

“Our other website targeted our current clients, there’s a lot of history there but those clients aren’t as keen to adopt new technologies and such. They are our client base though and we didn’t want to ignore them.”

“We spoke to Bizink and decided to build a second website to focus on our cloud services – cloud accounting, automation, Xero and apps,” Adrienne said.

“We then looked at your other sites and saw that their Xero expertise was always prominent (like in the header). We got the impression that Bizink’s other clients were experts in Xero, so we wanted Bizink to create the same for us.”

You have a custom design with Bizink. What was the design and build process like? 

“I remember it going pretty smoothly. Matt and the team were really receptive to all of our emails and were really helpful as we went back and forth,” Adrienne said

“I designed some stuff on paper or in Photoshop or something and then the Bizink team made it a reality. They made it look visually attractive.”

What has it been like working with the Bizink team?

“Everyone has been very responsive, even though we’re half the world away we always get answers quickly. They often do late afternoon phone calls to suit our time zone. Kamila even set up a call for 8pm her time and it wasn’t a recording. She went through website training and showed us how to use the website and the email system. That call made me confident in using the website.”

What has it been like dealing with Bizink’s support team?

“There have been very few issues since we’ve launched. When something does happen I just send a ticket in and it gets addressed quickly. I know I can log in to the website dashboard and just click the Support button to get help. It’s good to know that if we need help, you guys are there,” Adrienne said.

“Bizink has been proactive in helping us anyway. Recently Bizink added a new Xero course and helped us out with emails.”

You have a great Meet the Team page with caricatures for each employee. Tell us more about that page

“This page backs up our approach for targeting a younger market. Our other website has a team page where our staff have professional portraits with suit and ties. On the Bizink website, we wanted to appeal to a younger, modern audience and show our creative side. We wanted viewers to see that our people are more than just CPAs, they have hobbies and interests and this is a good way to show them!” Adrienne explained.

“We found a local artist who drew them for us and we incorporated them into our marketing and social media.”

“We actually also have business cards with these caricatures on them, it’s like a little player trading card. They have been awesome for us, we get great feedback when we are networking and it makes us stand out more. Plus it puts a face to the name!”

Alloy Silverstein team

Starting conversations

Alloy Silverstein has found the team page to be a conversation starter. Adrienne’s cartoon features her dachshund. I was about to ask her about the dog and tell her about my own dachshund when she said this…
“My dog in my picture always starts a good conversation about dogs and dog breeds, it’s a good way to break the ice when networking!”

“The team bios are short and to the point. They talk about how we can help people rather than just saying “I’m a CPA, here are my qualifications” Adrienne explained.

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As Xero Silver Champion Partners, how does your website help you showcase your Xero expertise?

“It’s very helpful what we have on the site including the Xero Partner Page, Xero Resources and Get Started with Xero course that Bizink created,” Adrienne said.

“These resources also really helped our existing accountants, who, at the time were just getting up to speed with Xero themselves. They learned more about Xero from the resources, taught themselves more stuff from the courses and then knew where to direct clients when they had Xero questions,” she explained.

“We do a lot of in-person selling so have this has really helped,” Adrienne added.

“It’s also nice that Bizink did this all for us, I didn’t have to create it so it’s one less job for me,” Adrienne said.


Bizink’s extra help including webinars

“I found the Facebook group pretty helpful, it’s good to see the conversations. I always pay attention to your yearly marketing survey as well as I know those results can help us benchmark.”

“I was also invited to participate in a webinar Matt did with Xero USA last year which was great,” Adrienne said.

What outcome has Bizink helped you achieve?
“Bizink helped us portray this new brand that we were trying to start. The website shows our expertise and conveys the right messaging for us.”

“We’ve gotten requests for more info through the website and gotten clients from that.”

“We get consistent email subscriptions which is always a good thing. People are really interested in our Xero course too.”

“It has been good to bring our brand to life, this website was the first thing we did for that brand and we got the idea from Bizink’s email blast,” Adrienne explained.

Would you recommend Bizink to other firms?
“Yeah I would recommend Bizink, the library of blog articles is so helpful. It’s very hard to come up with your own content but there is a good variety in the Bizink library. It’s nice to go in there and find a blog on a topic, tweak it as needed and then push it out.”

“In order to market Xero we needed someone who understood Xero, that’s a big benefit of working with Bizink.”

“At Alloy Silverstein, we have experienced marketing staff, including a social media specialist. But not every accounting firm is like that, not all CPAs are confident with marketing. I feel that Bizink makes it easy for everyone, even those not experienced with marketing. It’s easy to publish blogs and Bizink saves time by writing the blogs for us.”

Bizink’s comments from Kamila – Head of Customer Success

“Alloy Silverstein’s website is one of our custom designs. The production process for a custom project is more complex compared to our standard designs and we often find the importance of organization crucial to the project’s quick flow.”

“I had the pleasure of dealing with Adrienne Dell’olio on this project. Her quick responses in sending across information and reviewing the website were excellent, it sped the project right up. We often find website reviews take a considerable amount of time, especially when there are more people involved in the feedback process. But Adrienne was super organized, which allowed us to get the site live in no time.”


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