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How former New Zealand Bookkeeper of the Year, Derrick P. Storey & Associates transformed his online marketing with Bizink.

Achieving more visits, leads or clients online is now spread across the majority of industries. Search engines such as Google stress the importance of having properly optimized websites in order to achieve a higher rank and greater visibility. However, many accounting firms struggle with the transition into the ‘online world’ and we often see websites that are just online brochures that don’t deliver real results

This problem was familiar to Derrick Storey of New Zealand accounting firm, Derrick P. Storey & Associates. He’d been with a popular provider of websites for accountants but was finding their product and service was not delivering for him.

At first, Derrick tried to take the problem himself. He knew things needed to improve but lacked online marketing expertise or the time to learn it. So he made the decision to get help elsewhere.

When it came to changing web providers, smooth transition was a priority. Although only a small bookkeeping and accounting practice, Derrick P. Storey & Associates look after around 150 clients, some of whom have been with the company for many years. Derrick wanted to make sure his clients were not affected by the change.

Derrick's Website

Derrick’s Bizink website

Summarizing his decision he says: “Some of the companies, especially in the accounting profession don’t have proper friendly websites. You can do it yourself, but it takes a lot of time because you have to spend time researching, which means it’s a good return on investment. And, you have to make sure it works 100% and has no implications on customer service.”

Derrick was looking for the whole package from a new website provider: a fully utilized and responsive product and great customer service. And, perhaps a little extra – updates and resources to improve his technical ‘know-how’. Simply, a solution to meet all his needs without having to liaise with different companies for different things.

“I get approached by other web providers all the time,” he says. “With Bizink I liked what I saw and their professional attitude to me as a customer. And when we started to work together, I saw I was right; the service is brilliant. I can approach them and discuss any issue immediately. I never had to chase to get work delivered on time.”

Making the most of the features that help him automate much of his online marketing, Derrick is also enjoying increased website visits.

Asked what features are the most helpful to him, he says: “There are two main aspects that pleased me the most about changing to Bizink.

Firstly, the blogs they create for you. When you publish a blog it also sends out an emails to your clients and prospects.

Secondly, we giveaway Bizink content in order to get more leads from our website. A website visitor enters their email address, then gets some useful content in return. Once they’ve downloaded the content, a congratulation email is sent and other automated emails follow up in stages. “It took a bit of time to set it up but once it was done, I don’t have to worry about anything.”

Derrick has the following tips if you are looking into replicate his website success:

  • Use professional web services. This helps you concentrate on your main accounting priorities.
  • Make sure your customers are not affected by a change – choose a company with a reputation for smooth transitions.
  • There’s always room for improvement. Even if you think your website is running well, online industries change very fast. Make sure you ask for professional advice on how to improve your website, get a second opinion or ask for a website usability test.
  • Make sure your web provider gives you a real working relationship and ongoing support, not just during the implementation or transition phase.


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