“They had great interaction and communication – it was just like having your own in-house team!” – Dolfinblue CPA’s Bizink experience

When Dolfinblue Accounting was given a reboot in 2016, part of the new focus included a refresh of their website. And it was Bizink to whom Managing Director Andrew Coulson turned to develop the new site, focusing on a shift away from project and interim management work towards Trusted Advisor status. “The old site was tired, not SEO-friendly and it was lacking in content,” Andrew explains. “We were impressed with what Bizink had to offer, from how Matt handled the initial enquiry through to all the extras they had.”

Dolfinblue prides itself on doing things a bit different than its competitors, which includes ‘being on the pulse’ – a focus on making life easier and simpler for their clients. “Our approach is to work with our clients side by side as if we were internal to their operations, not someone who visits once a year,” Andrew explains. “We utilise the cloud to make life simpler and better for our clients. This helps us to keep ‘on the pulse’ as we are monitoring the heartbeat in real time, not nine months later. Our focus is on the present and future of our clients, not on the traditional compliance work.”

Dolfinblue case study

Andrew goes on to explain that survival for accounting firms in this day and age, they need to be fully integrated with their clients. “Clients operate in the cloud and expect real-time support and the leveraging of technology,” he says. “This is what underpins the concept of doing things differently.”

Dolfinblue’s commitment to this philosophy is a major factor in why people will choose them over other accounting firms. “We are a safe pair of hands and have experienced many challenging situations that our clients have either encountered or possibly will in the future,” Andrew says. “We’re great at deploying our knowledge to our clients – we believe in the sharing economy.”

With the business facing a reboot in 2016, a new website was needed and Bizink came on board with Dolfinblue to deliver a site that was in keeping with the new vision. “Bizink were very easy to work with,” Andrew recalls. “They had great interaction and communication – it was just like having your own in-house team!”

Bizink’s handling of the design and build process meant that Dolfinblue could take advantage of their advice on content and information, and the range of extras available such as blogs and ebooks. “We also had a training session with them as the site went live,” Andrew recalls. “We’ve been invited to various webinars on marketing ever since, which keeps the interaction going. They’re very supportive.”

For Dolfinblue, the Bizink experience has been a positive one. “Overall, they’ve been really great,” Andrew says. “I have no trouble recommending them to others looking for a site revamp or a totally new site.”


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