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“Bizink sites aren’t your typical accounting or bookkeeping websites, which was exactly what we were looking for.” – Amanda Tukey, Quick Assist.

Amanda Tukey of Quick Assist and her father David Geslin of David J Geslin CPA came to us towards the end of 2017. They were looking for new accounting and bookkeeping websites but didn’t want them to look like most others out there.

“We chose Bizink because of the quality of the websites. The websites seemed more “new age” and current versus other websites we were looking at. I think one of the main differences is the imagery Bizink uses. The others we saw had a lot of content and were very wordy. Bizink sites aren’t your typical accounting and bookkeeping websites, which was what we were looking for,” Amanda said.

Amanda then told us about the build of the website from her point of view. “The initial set up and production of the website was seamless, it was really great. The communication told us this is what we’re doing today, this is what you can expect tomorrow and so on.”

It’s clear that Amanda appreciates the emphasis we put on communication here at Bizink. “We had a sales meeting with Matt who then transferred us to Kamila in production. That process and intro was simple and it was very clear who we should contact,” Amanda said.

It was still smooth sailing even after the website went live. “Kamila sent us great training resources so we could continue to use our website. It was just great between all parties,” Amanda added.


Bizink’s most popular website package includes content writing written for you. We wrote the Home, About us, Services and Cloud Accounting pages for Quick Assist and wanted to hear what Amanda thought.

“The content team did a very good job of taking what we said and turning it into beautiful, illustrative descriptions in all parts of our website. They really brought our words to life,” Amanda said.

“We struggle to find the right words to communicate with our audience. We needed to use more normal language to explain what we do. We’re so involved in the accounting industry so we tend to use that language that people might not like and it can give a bad impression. So it was great, Bizink’s content means we can now appeal to a larger clientele that we wouldn’t have been able to reach if we wrote it ourselves.”


Here at Bizink, we’ve got a big focus on customer success and try to do everything we can to support our clients.

“Dealing with Bizink since has been really good. We haven’t needed a ton of support as we’ve got the training resources which are useful,” Amanda told us.

“We did run into a question back a little while. We sent it off to support and got a response at least within a day, but I think even within a few hours. And the response we got was step by step instructions which we could follow easily.”


Looking back on the process now, Amanda appreciates the impact the new website has had on their branding and social presence.

“The process of setting up the website in conjunction with Facebook and Twitter has helped us solidify our brand and made us more brand aware. We know to use the branding (grey Q and the red A) and know to match our letterhead to the website. And it’s not just knowing that we should, we want to do it now as well. Our website looks so nice so we want everything else to match it,” she said.

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Quick Assist

Amanda’s praise for Bizink continues. “We would definitely recommend Bizink to other accounting firms because the websites they create are more current and applicable to today’s entrepreneur.”

“Bizink’s marketing support has been great as well. Haven’t had a tonne of time to attend webinars but your marketing programs are great. There is a great knowledge base that we can tap into. Bizink knows we’re practitioners, not marketers,” Amanda said.

Check out the Quick Assist website for yourself.


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