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Turn website visitors into clients without lifting a finger.

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Client Converters will revolutionise your marketing by turning your website visitors into clients.

Most people who visit your website will not get in touch and never come back. That doesn’t mean they are not interested, they are just not ready to engage you.

Client Converters capture website visitors details then build a relationship with them using content written by business and industry experts.

When that person is ready to switch accountants/bookkeepers, your trust and credibility is established and your firm is “top of mind”. Who do you think they will contact?

  • Turn website visitors into clients
  • 100% automated – no input needed from you
  • The marketing method used by leading firms

How do Client Converters Work?

Step 1 - Capture Leads

We add an eye-catching “call to action” to your website, encouraging visitors to sign up for an online course. Course topics are tailored for your audience and include business planning, cash flow and Xero.

Step 2 - Nurture Leads

The person now gets a seven day course via email, packed with insights they can apply to their business. Each email features your firm’s branding and contact details and encourages them to get in touch for further help.

Step 3 - Convert Clients

When the course finishes, another email is sent with more information about your firm. At this point, some leads will become clients. If not, we’ll send them an engaging email every month until they become a client or choose to stop receiving emails.

The Science behind Client Converters

79.5% of your visitors will never return

Only 20.5%* of visitors to your site will ever return and some of those will be clients. Your only chance of selling to people who leave your site is capturing their email address and staying in touch with them. Adding a Client Converter to your site is an ideal way to do this and a tried and tested marketing method on the best performing business-to-business websites.

*Source: Google Analytics Benchmarking

Most website visitors won't contact you

Around 96%* of people who visit your site are not ready to engage you. Many are interested but are still in the research phase. If you let them leave, it’s unlikely they will ever come back. Client Converters capture the email addresses of your website visitors by giving away valuable content. This means you can continue a relationship with them after they’ve left your site.

*Source: KISSmetrics


Client Converter Screen

Your sales cycle is long

Research shows that 63% of people requesting information from service based businesses will not purchase for at least three months – and 20% will take more than 12 months to buy*. For accounting businesses this can be even longer because of the great perceived pain in switching accountants. This makes business owners hesitate, often for months or even years, even if they’re not happy with their current provider. The key to converting the leads is maintaining a positive relationship. Client Converters will nurture your leads for as long as it takes. We’ll go on sending your leads useful information until they’re ready to engage you.

*Source: Marketing Donut

Email outperforms all online marketing

Email marketing has an average return on investment of $38 for each $1 spent. That’s almost twice the ROI of search and three to four times that of social media. Not only are Client Converters a form of email marketing, they help you build a database of targeted leads which you can send further emails to.

*Source: Direct Marketing Association’s National Client Email Report

Automation is key to marketing success

Consistency is crucial to marketing and what gets automated, gets done. We’ve worked with 100s of accounting and bookkeeping firms and the lack of time, marketing skills or both commonly kills their marketing efforts. Client Converters are designed to solve these issues for accounting and bookkeeping firms. They are 100% automated – although the emails come from you, we do all of the sending. Companies that automate lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue in 6-9 months*.

*Source: Gartner Research

Choose your Client Converter

7 Steps to an Effective Business Plan

“Business Plan” is one of the most searched for phrases by business owners. Offering your website visitors a free business plan template to download will capture lots of email addresses. Those leads will then be sent seven emails, showing them how to write an effective business plan. The finished plan will be a great way for you to start a conversation with them.

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Learn Xero in 7 Days

Google Stats show that business owners are searching for Xero accountants. Hook in those people by offering your website visitors a course written by Heather Smith, author of Xero for Dummies. You could even use this course with existing clients, adding value and opening up conversations which could lead to extra billing opportunities.

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“I can now constantly update our website, have material for our blog, email communication and social media.  This used to take me ages as I had to write all the material myself which limited the amount of content I could produce and the exposure I could get for the company. If you run an accounting firm then you need to subscribe to Bizink it will pay for itself and help you set yourself apart from others.”

Kate Jessop, Omnis Group


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