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What makes a great accounting website?

The team at Bizink have worked with hundreds of accountants and bookkeepers on their websites so we know what you need to do to have a great online presence. We compiled our knowledge into practical tips that you can implement today.

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Bizink’s website tips for accountants and bookkeepers:

Mobile Friendly

In 2018, I think this goes without saying. Your website MUST be mobile friendly. If you don’t pass Google’s mobile friendly test then you won’t appear in mobile search results. This means potential clients won’t even know you exist if they are searching. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, it’s much easier to start afresh and get a mobile friendly website, than try to retrofit mobile friendliness onto an old site. All Bizink websites are mobile friendly as standard.

Team Page

Include a team page on your site that actually has photos of your team! No mugshots or photos that have been taken in the dark! Invest in a good photographer or even get a little cartoon character created for your staff members. All Bizink websites can include a team page as well. Check out this cool team page on our client’s site.

Contact Details

Include a contact page, that’s an absolute essential. But also make sure your contact details are clearly visible on every page. People are lazy online and won’t go scouring your site just to find your phone number. Make it obvious, make it easy and make it clear how interested people can get in touch with you. You might even consider embedding an appointment booking app like Calendly into your site to streamline this process! All Bizink websites are designed to make it easy for people to get in touch.

Case Studies and Testimonials

More and more accounting websites are including testimonials which is great to see. They’re a powerful way to demonstrate that you actually do what you say you do. Good feedback from clients is a strong way to convince people to work with you. A case study would be even better to add to your site as they go more in depth to show actual results you got for actual people. Ring up some clients you know would be happy to give you this feedback and get them on to your site as soon as you can! Bizink websites have the functionality to include testimonials and case studies.

Lead Magnet

We’ll let you in on a secret…this is the missing ingredient from most accounting and bookkeeping websites. The unfortunate reality is that most people who visit your site aren’t going to get in touch with you. 96% are not ready to engage with you (KISSmetrics) and 79.5% will never return (Google Analytics Benchmarking Data). Obviously, this makes it tough for you to get leads online.

So what can you do? Add a lead magnet to your site that persuades visitors to give their email address in exchange for something valuable like an ebook. Once you have their email address you can keep in touch with them, nurturing them until they’re sales ready. Ask our team about our Client Converters lead magnet and email nurturing service.

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