Get blogs posts for a low monthly cost

There are many reasons why accounting firms should blog. Some of the most important would be:

  • It helps your ranking in search engines like Google
  • An active blog keeps your site fresh – good for when referrals are evaluating you
  • Helpful content positions you as an expert, building trust and credibility with clients and prospects
  • It’s a great way to show your personality online
  • Blogs can fuel your other online marketing – social media and email marketing especially

But many firms we work with don’t have the time or writing skills to create effective blogs.

So we’ve created the Business Booster Blogging Plan.

Business Booster puts expert business blogging content in your hands and the best part is, you don’t have to write any of it.

Instead you get access to a library of 100+ blog posts created by our content team who also write for Bank of America, Sage and HSBC.

At least four new posts are added each month so you’ll never run out of great content.

Business Booster is available right now for a low monthly cost. You get access to the content right away so you could start improving your blog today.

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