Love Receipt Bank? Promote your partnership online

Receipt Bank is one of the best Xero add-ons. We’re big fans at BizInk as I’m sure are many of your clients.

Receipt Bank

If you’re a Receipt Bank partner, we’ve made it easier to promote it to your clients and website visitors by adding a page of official Receipt Bank content to our content network.

And for your existing clients, we’ve added the handy Post Box feature.

Official Receipt Bank page

If you’re Receipt Bank Partner, then make sure everyone knows about it with our official Receipt Bank partner page.

It’s a great way to let clients know about Receipt Bank. And when local businesses are checking you out online, it’s another reason for them to choose you over other firms.

Best of all, we’ve done all the hard work – just tell us if you want the page on your site and we’ll make it happen.

You can see how it looks on our demo website.*

*send by post is only available in Australia and UK.

Receipt Bank Post Box

With the Receipt Bank Post Box, existing clients can send you receipts and invoices direct from your website.

It’s a really cool feature and gives a reason for clients to visit your site more regularly.

You can see how it work on our demo website.

If you’re a BizInk client and would like one or both of the Receipt Bank page or Post Box on your site, please let you know.

And if you’re interested in finding out more about BizInk, book onto a guided tour or drop us a line.

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