Here’s a Google myth busted, formula for winning email and a sales fail!

I know you don’t have much time for marketing so I’ll make this quick!

1. Formula for a winning email

You’ve heard of the 80/20 rule – how about the 40/40/20 rule for effective emails?

The theory is that the formula for a winning email should be:

  • 40% targeted list
  • 40% compelling offer
  • 20% copy (which includes email design etc.)

So often in marketing, not just email, I see people spend 90% of the time on copy or creative to then send a weak offer to an un-targeted list.

Many marketers are frustrated writers or artists, so they love writing and nice-looking things. Nothing wrong with that, but great creative won’t sell the wrong offer to the wrong people.

Think of it in reverse: if you’re the only ice cream van at the beach on the hottest day of the year, you don’t need any clever tricks to make a killing.

In future Bulletin’s, I’ll feature some tips for growing an engaged and targeted list plus how to make compelling offers when selling accounting services.


2. How you sell

This week I had a disappointing sales experience with a company I thought I’d like to work with.

Their marketing is excellent and I expected that to follow through to sales. Instead:

  • The process for getting a meeting booked was involved and annoying with multiple people emailing and calling me
  • The salesperson was 3 minutes late for the meeting. Not much but something I would never do and there was no apology
  • The pre-meeting questions I had to fill in were in a Google doc but were cut off because the image was badly formatted. The salesperson bizarrely tried to blame my Google account!
  • The meeting itself was ok although using well-worn sales techniques on somebody who sells themselves is inadvisable. I’d settle for authentic any day
  • Finally and most importantly, he promised the proposal that day. I said wait until next week but he insisted. But I’m still waiting for the proposal

These might seem like trivial things but added up, they tell me this company won’t deliver. If they are slack in their sales process, imagine how they will be once my cash is banked. This would have been a >$20k sale so they should have worked much harder. Now it’s a definite no from me.

How you sell is often as important as what you sell. This is especially true when selling accounting services where trust is integral and often the prospect can’t properly evaluate what you’re selling.

Does every step of your sales process scream integrity and credibility? If not, you’ll be getting judged just like I did this week.


3. Google slides for brochures

Last year Bizink did a rebrand with the unexpected side result of me co-founding a branding agency!

One of the outputs was a presentation and brochure template and we settled on Google Slides for the format. This has been super useful as our whole team can configure marketing collateral without constantly using a designer.

We just add content to the pre-designed master template and then export a PDF.

I’m sure you could do the same with Powerpoint.


4. Google loves blogs

A quick bit of myth-busting. This week, I was twice told by prospects that Google loves blogs. I hadn’t heard this in a while after hearing a lot in the past.

The short answer is Google doesn’t love blogs. The Google algorithm is just trying to rank the best web page for any given search query. That would be a regular page on your website, a social media post or even a PDF. It might be a blog too but there is nothing inherently special about them to Google.


5. Your content wish

Modern marketing is about creating content and I know many of you are numbers, not words people.

That’s one of the key pain points Bizink solves for accountants with the other being time.

I’m interested in what content you’d most like to have but don’t have either the time, interest, or skills to produce. What’s the ONE type of content you’d love to have created for you?

If you’re time-poor or just want your website or marketing handled by experts, you can outsource to Bizink. We’ve been helping firms like yours grow since 2012.

Book a time to chat with one of our marketing specialists.


Taken from Bizink’s CEO, Matt Wilkinson’s email newsletter, the Bizink Bulletin.



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