How to plan 6 months of marketing in under four minutes


Earlier this year we surveyed 400 accounting and bookkeeping firms. Only 65.5% have a marketing plan. Do you?

In this video, I’ll show you a super-fast way to get a marketing plan for the next six months. It focuses on those most likely to buy from you – existing clients.


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2 responses to “How to plan 6 months of marketing in under four minutes

  1. I have built my accounting and tax business using the referral method but now as I am running out of time to do any marketing, I need help in planning the next 6 months as this is my busiest time of the year. Thanks for any help in this respect.
    Bill Stuart

    1. If you need quick results, marketing to existing clients should be top of the list.

      If you need new clients, you’re likely looking at a marketing cycle of at least three months, so time is of the essence! If it were me, I’d focus my plan on prospects from a certain industry or type of business that you feel you can offer most value too. You’ll be able to create a more compelling offer than if you’re marketing to everybody. Plus, it’s much easier to know where to market when you have focus.

      If you’d like to chat to me or one of the team about your plan, you can make a time here:

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