We’re integrated with Xero Practice Manager

BizInk websites are now integrated with Xero Practice Manager (WorkFlowMax).

Xero Practice Manager

Now, when website visitors submit a form on a BizInk clients’ site, it automatically creates a lead in Practice Manager.

Online forms should be an important part of any accountants’ website. They make it easy for users to contact you without having to call or email. And anything that makes things easy for your web visitors is a must. Remember – your competitors’ sites are only a click a way.


Form on an Accountant's Website


In the past, when a user submitted a form, the data was stored in the backend of the website. That’s good but to get it into practice management software meant exporting in Excel or CSV format and then importing.

Not a huge task but still a pain and another thing to remember.

With our new integration, this is a thing of the past. Because BizInk and Xero Practice Manager both have APIs this can all be done without you lifting a finger.

And no double handling of data saves times and cuts out errors.

If you’re a client, get in touch and we’ll get your website and Practice Manager linked up.

Or if you’d like to find out more about how BizInk websites help accountants streamline their marketing and become more productive, drop us a line or book an online demo.

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