We love the new bookkeeping website for Love Your Numbers

Influential bookkeeper, mentor and business owner extraordinaire Leanne Berry has been a valued Bizink client for years. Her firm, Love Your Numbers, subscribed to our Business Booster Blogging service where we write blogs for accountants and bookkeepers every month.

In mid April Leanne decided to give her website a refresh and by the first week of May, the new website was live!

Below we’ve detailed a few features of the new site that we love:

Their Who Are We page includes information about the company & their values, a picture of Leanne Berry to make the site more human & personable and an engaging video about Leanne and her story at the bottom.

Love Your Numbers are experts in MYOB, Xero, QuickBooks, Receipt Bank…you name it…Leanne is probably an expert in it! So we included a cloud software page as well as some partner content for these software platforms and accounting apps to help demonstrate her expertise.

Leanne chose to embed her appointment booking app (Calendly) onto the site. This means clients and prospects can easily schedule an appointment based on her calendar availability. It’s a great way to streamline bookings, removes that annoying email tennis and saves you admin time.

Leanne has some awesome testimonials that prove just how easy she is to work with (in case our glowing report wasn’t enough). So we created a dedicated testimonials page which features some of this client feedback. Testimonials and case studies are really powerful marketing tools for accountants and bookkeepers. If you don’t have any testimonials yet, go ask your clients for some now!

The Love Your Numbers team also love live chat. This is something we (typically) find accountants & bookkeepers are hesitant to include on their website. Often they worry it will be hard to manage and they’ll be overwhelmed with requests at different times of the day. But it’s really quite easy to control. You can manage visitor expectations upfront by displaying your availability and asking them to leave a message if you are offline. It isn’t any harder to manage than a work phone line or email inbox. On your website, you should make it easy for interested people to get in touch with you, and some people prefer a live chat option to do that.

Bizink is proud to work with advisors like Love Your Numbers to help them become incredible online.

You can book a one-on-one demo with our website specialists to find out why leading firms like Love Your Numbers choose Bizink.

Explore the new site by clicking on the image:
Love your numbers

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