Marketing Blueprint

A marketing plan to win more of the clients you’d love to work with

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Create a plan to grow your firm with Bizink’s Marketing Blueprint.

Are you in the 68%* of firms that does not have a marketing plan? If so, how will you achieve your revenue and growth goals?

Or does your plan need a tune up from experts in marketing accounting businesses?

With Bizink’s Marketing Blueprint, you’ll get both a strategic and tactical plan to help you win more of the clients you’d love to work with.


* Source: Bizink Accounting Marketing Survey 2017

How it Works

Discovery Meeting

You’ll meet with Bizink’s accounting business marketing experts for a discovery call. We’ll gather information about how you want to grow your firm and your ideal client.


We write a Marketing Blueprint for you: this outlines who you’d like to work with and how to attract them.

It also covers marketing to existing clients and referral marketing – your best sources of immediate growth.

Action Plan

We create an action plan based on the tactics most likely to win you new business.

The plan is for 90 days but can be reused again and again.

Marketing Support

We’ll answer your marketing queries in complete confidence or chat with leading firms about what they’re doing.

"Subscribe to Bizink it will pay for itself..."

“I can now constantly update our website, have material for our blog, email communication and social media.  This used to take me ages as I had to write all the material myself which limited the amount of content I could produce and the exposure I could get for the company. If you run an accounting firm then you need to subscribe to Bizink it will pay for itself and help you set yourself apart from others.”

Kate Jessop, Omnis Group