On Xmas gifts, DNS disasters and Growth tools

I know you don’t have much time for marketing so I’ll make this quick!

1. Xmas gift

Most of my readership comes from countries that celebrate Christmas. So here’s an idea for a festive marketing campaign clients will love and could lead to more work for you.


After Christmas, many business owners’ thoughts turn to planning. They’re refreshed after some time off and not yet ground down by the challenges of entrepreneurship. It’s an ideal time to talk to them about business planning.


Do you help your clients with planning? A simple way to start is giving them a template in which to write their plan. If you don’t have one, here’s my festive gift to you!


Download this traditional business plan template and feel free to use it to send to clients and prospects. I’ve even got a social media tile to help you spread the word.


A business plan canvas might appeal to start-ups or tech companies. It’s a format I like and you can get one direct from Strategyzer on a Creative Commons license.


“Business advisory” is an overused term and nobody can agree on what it entails. But sending a business plan template and simply asking “would you like help completing this” is a great conversation starter with obvious upselling opportunities.


2. Are you the 1 in 3?

Only 1 in 3 accounting firms has a marketing plan based on research Bizink does every year. So if like in the section above, you’re moving into planning mode, here are some resources to help:


If you want to write a full plan, the Marketing Blueprint format I created for Xero is a great place to start as it combines strategy and tactics into one short document.


3. DNS disasters

DNS and domains came up in our team meeting this month. Still such a source of confusion and understandably as most domain registrars do a terrible job of user experience.


While a domain may only cost $20 per year, it’s a vital part of your firm being integral to your brand, website and email.


We’ve seen some horror shows where the person who registered a firm’s domain has left, reminder emails got ignored and the domain registration ran out.


This means no website and email for several days while you frantically send company registration documents to the domain registrar to prove the domain is yours.


Do yourself a favour after reading this and check that you know exactly who controls your domain and how to renew it.

4. Growth tools

Not sure how I got onto their list but Growth Tools is a great resource for marketing tips and templates.


Sign up from their homepage and get a daily marketing idea for free. Most of them are really useful.


5. Shameless plug

I keep selling out of the Bulletin for the most part but hey, I wouldn’t be a marketer if I didn’t do it once in a while.


If you’re time-poor or just want your website or marketing handled by experts, you can outsource to Bizink. We’ve been helping firms like yours grow since 2012.


Book a time to chat with one of our marketing specialists.


Taken from Bizink’s CEO, Matt Wilkinson’s email newsletter, the Bizink Bulletin.



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