Marketing Tech Stack for Accountants


Last week Bizink’s CEO Matt Wilkinson ran a webinar where he detailed Bizink’s recommended Marketing Tech Stack for Accountants.

The practical webinar shows you the apps and integrations you need to power your firm’s marketing.

Here are some of the tips Matt shared during the webinar:

A tech stack is the combination of apps you use to carry out functions in your business. But when it comes to marketing apps alone aren’t enough. Apps are just a tool – it’s what you do with them that counts.

To get the most out of your apps you need a solid strategy, a tactical plan and then you have to execute it. You need that foundation or else you’ll just be doing bad marketing more efficiently.

Marketing is simple. All you need to work out is what you’re selling, who you’re selling to and where they are. Then you just have to go get in front of them.

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Download the free Marketing Tech Stack Checklist here.

Catch up on the webinar here:

There’s still time to get your marketing sorted for 2019! Talk to one of our practice marketing specialists to find out how Bizink can help you develop a marketing system that actually works.

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