Meet Bizink’s Product Ambassador – Kim!

Meet Kim

Meet Kim, Bizink’s Product Ambassador

This year we’ve been showcasing our fantastic team, to help our clients, partners, and friends get to know the faces behind the websites. This month, we interviewed our Product Ambassador, Kim Roche.

Introducing Kim

Tell us about yourself

“I’m a mother of two adult boys (I use the term adult loosely!), married to an Irishman, and consultant to accountants in practice. I’m very involved in our local community and sporting clubs (Golf, Footy & Yacht Clubs). I had to put a ban on joining more clubs!”

Where are you based?

“I’m based in Perth, WA the most remote city in the world. I was originally a Queenslander but moved to Perth in 1987 after a holiday following the America’s Cup. It’s a great place to live and raise a family even if it is a little isolated.”

What do you most like about working at Bizink?

“Bizink has a great team and great culture. It’s very customer focused which makes a sales role more enjoyable. I love how automated our systems are at Bizink. There is always a lot of talk in the industry about efficiencies and automation but I haven’t seen it done anywhere as well as Bizink.”

What do you do in your spare time?

“My current hobbies are less evolved around my boys who are now aged 21 & 23, although I am heavily involved with my son’s football club looking after their socials. I have in recent years discovered I like to paint (not the house). I’m not a natural artist but find it very therapeutic. In the warmer months we spend as much time as we can boating.”

What’s your secret skill?

“I’d like to say singing – but I might get some resistance to that…”

What was your first paying job?

“Long before computers my first accounts job was at Winkworths, Mitre 10 in Cairns. We used Kalamazoo for accounting which is still used to this day in business. Scarily I just looked up the history and the system was established in 1915 ! No I’m not that old but it was a very clever manual system.”

Stay tuned for the rest of our Meet the Team series or view our team on our team page.

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