Bizink + myprosperity

What's myprosperity?

myprosperity has redefined how your clients track and manage their financial world.

Property, loans, super, wills, insurance, banking and tax – it’s all together in one place so you can provide your clients with the best advice and help them reach their goals.


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What's Bizink?

Bizink helps busy accountants, bookkeepers and planners market their firms. With websites, content and online marketing, Bizink works with firms across the globe, helping them win more business, engage their clients and save time.


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How do Bizink and myprosperity work together?


Lead generating websites that are packed with official myprosperity content


Bizink helps myprosperity customers promote their firms. We give a free landing page and lead magnet to all myprosperity partners who purchase a Pro Pack Subscription

Marketing Plan

Bizink creates a bespoke marketing plan for myprosperity partners who purchase a Pro Pack Subscription.


Bizink helps myprosperity customers with free education about marketing their firms.

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When it comes to marketing for accountants and advisors, Bizink is a global leader. So when we were looking for a partner to help myprosperity partners with marketing, Bizink was the natural choice.

Chris Ridd – CEO, myprosperity

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