Webinar - Opportunity in Crisis: Building Firm Loyalty

In order to create a solid, long-term growth strategy, firms must include two very important factors: new business development and firm loyalty. In a time when the world may seem uncertain, firms can still grow through a focus on the loyalty factor.

Loyalty in the form of employees and clients can have a significant impact in the bottom-line profitability of any accounting firm with increased client and employee retention directly impacting productivity. This session outlines how to build loyalty within accounting firms and strategies for immediate improvements.

Our guest presenter is Ty Hendrickson of The Sales Seed.

What we’ll cover

  • The role loyalty plays in a growth strategy
  • Four ways to improve client service
  • How to improve the investment in employees
  • Firm culture tips

Webinar Recording

About your Host & Guest

Ty Hendrickson

Ty Hendrickson

Ty Hendrickson is a CPA, sales expert, and co-founder of The Sales Seed where she helps accounting firms grow through the integration of sales principles. With over ten years of experience leading sales teams and training programs for CCH and Bloomberg BNA (two of the biggest accounting technology companies), she empowers accounting firms to think outside of the box when it comes to growth. By implementing these strategies, her clients are distinguishing themselves as trusted advisors and are finding new growth opportunities in a highly competitive market.

Matt Wilkinson

Matt Wilkinson

Matt is the founder and CEO of Bizink and has helped hundreds of accounting and bookkeeping firms worldwide with their marketing.

Known for his practical advice on marketing, he’s spoken at Xerocon and several other accounting conferences worldwide.