Our Story

What we do, why we do it and who we are

Eight Years

Since we launched

Global Clientbase

We help accountants in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada

12 Staff

Across six cities and three countries

20 years experience

Creating small business content

We make accountants and bookkeepers incredible online

Our job is to make accountants and bookkeepers incredible online. With our websites, content and online marketing, we help accounting and bookkeeping firms across the globe win more business, engage their clients and save time.

Find out more about how we help accountants and bookkeepers or see some of our clients’ websites.

Why we do it

We love working with accounting and bookkeeping firms. The modern accountant sits at the junction of business and technology, an exciting place to be right now.

But some firms are not making the most of what the internet offers them. Our role is to connect accountants and bookkeepers with their clients and prospects through websites and online marketing.

And we love small business too. Our founders are all serial entrepreneurs and two of the founders are directors of The Small Business Company, a global leader in small business content.

By creating great online content for accountants and bookkeepers, we directly assist business owners in achieving their goals.

Who we are

Bizink was formed by Matt Wilkinson, Glen Senior and Bruce Young. They have a unique understanding of delivering products and content to the business channel (such as accountants) and have worked alongside some of the world’s largest companies such as Microsoft, Bank of America, and HSBC Bank within their small business marketing teams. They bring all of this small business engagement experience to every Bizink website product.

From there we’ve grown into a close-knit team of writers, designers, coders and marketers spread across three continents. Visit our team page to see what we look like!