Outbound Marketing for Accountants


Marketing has gone full circle

The team at Bizink are always discussing which marketing tactics work best for the accountants, bookkeepers and financial planners we deal with. We’ve been working with the profession for years and have seen many trends come and go. We believe marketing has now gone full circle.

If you go back more than 30 years, cold calling, telemarketing, direct mailing and outreach marketing was very popular.

Then a new age began, which saw the rise of the Internet, email, blogging, social media, mobile and search marketing.

But where are we now? Which marketing tactics work best? How do you choose?
Social media and the Internet in general have become so flooded with various promotions, information and news, it’s hard for people to know where to turn and it’s even harder for accountants to break through that noise. Outbound marketing is proving to be a powerful marketing tactic again…if it’s done correctly!

Use a blended approach

In addition to inbound marketing, you should also look at some outbound marketing tactics. Outbound marketing is unlikely to work if you just cold call everyone in the yellow pages and broadly promote your firm. This won’t have a strong appeal and your point of difference may end up coming down to price. So you what can you do?

You need to narrow your focus!

First, you need to identify a target market / ideal prospect for your firm. Be as specific as you can! Often we hear financial planners want to target “high net worth individuals” and accountants the “small business owners”, but you need to go narrower than that. Do people really identify as a high net worth individual or just a small business owner? Think about who you like working with. Do your favourite clients have anything in common? What are the pain points of these people and how can you help solve them?

So now you’ve chosen who you’re going to target. This doesn’t mean you don’t accept clients from outside this market, it just gives your marketing a lot more direction. Next you need to do some research, find their contact details and get in touch. We recommend sending a short email that shows how you have helped people like them achieve a result that relates to their business. A short case study could work well. You could follow this up with some more emails that are relevant to them and their situation, and then give them a call. Remember to think about your call to action here as well.

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