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Back in 2015, Tyler Winn of Cirrus Payroll won a Bizink website, which was a prize at the Thriveal CPA Conference. This was perfect timing for Tyler, as he was in need of a new website. The previous website had been built by a family member but it just wasn’t working for him.

“Winning the website from Bizink was really cool. We really needed a new website and we’re very happy with this one” Tyler said.

Looking back on the initial website production process some three years later, Tyler recalls it as a simple and easy process. “I really liked the collaboration between us and Bizink, especially during that setup phase.”

This collaboration and teamwork aspect has continued to be a strong part of the partnership with Cirrus Payroll and Bizink, even as we caught up with Tyler in late 2018. “Working with the Bizink team is very awesome, there is always a timely response for everything I need.”

Bizink invests heavily in our product support team, which is led by Head of Support, Bruce Young. Tyler shares a little about his experience in working with the support team. “Bruce is awesome. I love working with him, he’s super responsive. If he can help out he does, if he can’t he’s honest about it and always finds a good workaround solution.”

Tyler is fairly tech savvy himself and likes to do quite a bit in the backend of the site. “I do a lot, but I appreciate having Bizink’s support for the things that are above my paygrade” he explains.

Cirrus Payroll have seen some great results since launching their Bizink site. “The blogging has been great. Before Bizink we didn’t have a site that was ranking SEO wise, we weren’t even on the first page of Google for a local search. After a year I ended up in the top three” Tyler explained. Now, Cirrus Payroll ranks first. “I give some credit to the templates you give us, and the content I was able to easily update on my own” he adds.

Check out the site for this Tulsa, OK based firm by clicking the image below.

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