Podcast Episode Five – Salesmanship for Accountants

Our guest in Episode Five is Paul Shrimpling. Paul is the Managing Director of Remarkable Practice which helps accountants apply remarkable practice to their firm so they achieve remarkable success for their firm.

Paul shares his extensive knowledge of sales and marketing for accounting firms in this insight packed episode.


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What you’ll hear

  • The importance of regular habits
  • What habits accounting firms should adopt
  • Are accountants averse to selling?
  • Utilising the skills already in your business
  • Should you outsource or recruit sales specialists?
  • Capturing and retaining clients with your website
  • Delivering valuable content
  • Issues facing accountants in different markets

About Paul Shrimpling

For 14 years Paul and his Remarkable Practice team have worked exclusively with the owners and managers of accountancy firms. More than a 1,000 1-on-1 profit-focussed meetings with partners, directors and managers are the source of his insights and the right-habits needed to achieve the change and the results many firm seek.

He has a reputation as an energetic, engaging and effective speaker. He has presented at ICAEW and ACCA events repeatedly on sales and marketing for accountants. He also presents for several firms of accountants to their clients on the Business One Page Plan – this has generated sales revenue for those firms.

Paul Shrimpling


Find out more about Remarkable Practice on their website and one of their flagship products, Business Bitesize.

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