Podcast Episode Four – Secrets of Outsourcing

Our guest in Episode Four is Nick Sinclair. Nick used outsourcing to grow and sell his own successful accounting firm before forming The Outsourced Accountant which helps other firms outsource to the Philippines.

In the podcast, Nick shares some insights into how to create a successful offshore team and warns of the pitfalls to avoid.

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What you’ll hear

  • The main reason accountants should outsource (hint: it’s not cost)
  • Potential pitfalls of outsourcing
  • What functions of an accounting firm can be outsourced
  • How outsoucing affects your local staff
  • The correlation between growth firms and those that use outsourcing
  • How a big four accounting firm entices new staff by promising they’ll never do a tax return!
  • Should you tell clients you are off-shoring their work?

About Nick Sinclair

Nick is an entrepreneur who has been working in the financial services industry since 2000. He was nominated and became a finalist in the Australian Financial Advisers (AFA) Adviser of the Year Awards in 2010 and 2011.

Nick Sinclair

In 2014, Nick launched The Outsourced Accountant, with accounting firms in Australia and New Zealand as its primary target market. And because of his greater vision of helping the industry through outsourcing, the company will also open a UK office to assist UK accounting firms in 2016.

You can download an ebook on How to Build an Offshore Accounting Team from their website.

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