Podcast Episode One – Pricing for profit and kill the timesheet

In the first Bizink Podcast, our guest is Steve Major of Pricing Power and the Verasage Institute. Steve is a chartered accountant from Australia who sold his practice in 2006. He now helps other firms become more successful with value pricing central to the approach he advocates.

It’s fair to say he’s not a fan of the billable hour. In fact, he should probably trademark the phrase “kill the timesheet“.

Steve doesn’t hold back with his views which makes for an engaging episode to kick off our podcast.

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What you’ll hear

  • why you shouldn’t publish prices on your website (sell by demonstrating results instead of features)
  • ideas on how to sell value pricing online
  • how onboarding is the key to successful engagements (so don’t rush it!)
  • the three conversations you MUST have before working with a client
  • opinions on the Sage Value software and other software that can be used to sell and market value pricing
  • how there is currently an over-emphasis on technology in the accounting profession (tools helps but it’s really knowledge you’re selling)
  • how to recognize problem clients during onboarding
  • how a US firm lost 70% of its clients yet became 19% more profitable!
  • why you should kill the timesheet

Mentioned in this episode

About Steve Major

Since 2004 Steve Major has worked with professional service firms around the world to help them unlock the value within by building their pricing power, optimizing their business model and pricing for profit.

Accountants, bookkeepers and advisory businesses have the opportunity to transform small businesses around the globe. Small businesses are the engine room or growth and prosperity for society. It is this fact that drives him to work with accountants and advisory businesses to help them transform small business.

Steve Major

To unlock the value within a business Pricing Power has designed a unique process whereby we work with professional service firm business owners to :-

  • Create More Value
  • Measure what Matters
  • Capture More Value

He also works with professional firms to kill the timesheet. The timesheet is at the core of many problems with professional forms. It treats people as means, it measures the wrong things, it causes depression and so on.

Pricing Power was founded by Steve Major. Steve qualified as a Chartered Accountant and then opened his own accounting practice. This practice was built around providing businesses not just tax & accounting services but also helping them great businesses. The accounting practice was sold to focus purely on helping professional service firms unlock the real value. After a number of years of speaking and consulting Steve created the unique process within the Pricing Power Program to transform firms.

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