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I’m always advising accountants that their blog should be the centre of their online activity. But social media websites like Twitter and LinkedIn also have an important role to play. And the pain of having to update a blog and various social sites is enough to make some people throw in the towel.
So I was really pleased that we’ve been able to develop a new feature so that when you post to your blog, it automatically posts to your chosen social networks.

We can now connect your blog to one or all of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.


BizInk - AutoPost


It’s a really powerful feature but also simple so there’s not much to explain. In fact, all you do is post to your blog as normal and a simplified version will be automatically posted to your social sites.

If you don’t like the automated version, you can edit the message within your blog before posting.

And that’s it.

Instead of posting to the blog, logging in to each social site in turn and creating an appropriate version for them, it happens automatically.

This is another features that shows how powerful APIs are. Through the BizInk API we are able to connect with other software like Xero Practice Manager and websites like Twitter and LinkedIn.

The end result is big productivity savings for you, making marketing easier and leaving you to focus on profitable client work.
If you’re a client, get in touch and we’ll get your website linked up to your social sites.

Or if you’d like to find out more about how BizInk websites help accountants streamline their marketing and become more productive, drop us a line or book an online demo.

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