Bizink + Profit First Professionals

What's Profit First Professionals?

Profit First Professionals is an exclusive community of business and finance professionals who are certified in the Profit First methodology to help their clients build highly profitable businesses.


What's Bizink?

Bizink helps busy accountants, bookkeepers and planners market their firms. With websites, content and online marketing, Bizink works with firms across the globe, helping them win more business, engage their clients and save time.

How do Bizink and Profit First Professionals work together?


Lead generating websites that are packed marketing content, including a landing page to promote your Profit First services with Profit First Professionals Australia & New Zealand.


Bizink helps Profit First Professionals promote their firms with prewritten emails and blogs, done for you marketing options and a spot to place your Profit First Professionals Australia & New Zealand Certified logo.

Landing Page

Bizink provides Profit First Professionals with a landing page to display your Profit First services. Use it as a conversation starter with prospects, clients and partners.


Bizink helps Profit First Professionals with free education about marketing their firms.

“I’m excited about this partnership as Profit First Professionals are busy and focused on profitability and sustainability in businesses that having Bizink take care of the marketing is a game changer”.

Laura Elkaslassy – CEO
Profit First Professionals Australia & New Zealand
Matt Wilkinson

“Profit – essential to running a business by misunderstood by so many business owners.

Profit First is the only system I’ve seen that gives a practical way for business owners to be sustainably profitable.

I’ve seen first-hand in my friend’s business how adopting Profit First helped him grow from in under five years, from a one person company to four branches, 16 staff and seven figure revenue with healthy profits. He was also able to survive the COVID lockdowns when revenue reduced to nothing for weeks without stress because he’d built up big cash reserves.

I’m delighted to partner with Profit First Professional so we can help their members help more business owners.”

Matt Wilkinson – Founder and CEO, Bizink

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