SEO for accountants and bookkeepers

Search engine optimisation (SEO) tips for accountants and bookkeepers

First things first, we want to make it very clear that we don't believe spending time on SEO is a valuable use of your resources as a busy accountant. Do the basics by getting a mobile-friendly, optimised website, keep it updated and get other sites to link back to yours. Then focus your efforts on other marketing activities that will get you better results. Having said that, we have compiled the following tips that should help you out.

Bizink's SEO tips for accountants and bookkeepers:

Tip 1

Read this article by Matt Wilkinson, Bizink's Founder and CEO - Is ranking highly in Google really important for your accounting firm?

Tip 2

Add a Google Map to your site which uses your My Business listing. As well as helping people find you, using the map from your Google My Business listing can help your search ranking.

Tip 3

Create a SEO optimised page on your website. Use a keyword people use when searching for accountants in your local area (e.g. Accountants New Plymouth). Include that keyword in the page URL, title and several times in the body text.

Tip 4

Get other sites to link back to your website. Some examples include local business listings, Xero / QuickBooks advisors pages, your social media accounts, guest blogs and articles on other sites. High quality, earned, natural links improve the reputation of your website in the eyes of Google, giving them more reasons to view your site as 'credible' and increase your ranking.

Tip 5

Keep your site fresh and updated. Your blog is one great way to do this. Bizink websites automatically post blogs to social media, which helps with Step 4 also. Our Business Booster Blogging service is a great option for those who don't have time to write blogs. At Bizink, we acknowledge that SEO is a part of your online marketing strategy, but coming top of Google doesn't mean good online marketing. We recommend you get the basics sorted, but then invest your valuable time and budget elsewhere. Very few successful accounting firms attribute their success to a good ranking. Other marketing activities will get you better results and more of the right type of clients. Instead, we recommend:
  • Send an email to your clients and prospects letting them know about a new service you're offering
  • Call clients and ask for referrals
  • Run an event or workshop for your target market
Talk to our marketing experts if you'd like more help.

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