New bookkeeping website for The Kartel Solution

Bizink has just launched a brand new bookkeeping website for The Kartel Solution! Our websites for bookkeepers are high-performing and designed to get you more leads.

We love the polished branding and the beautiful colour scheme these Melbourne-based bookkeepers chose.

These bookkeepers understand the importance of social media and have an active Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram presence. Social media is becoming increasingly important for accounting and bookkeeping firms and you should promote your social presence wherever you can. Bizink recommends linking to your social media sites from your website. With our one-minute marketing, you’re also able to automate your blogs to post out to social media!

We’re really pleased with this new bookkeeping website, check it out for yourself:

The Kartel Solution


Bizink is proud to work with accountants and bookkeepers like The Kartel Solution to help them become incredible online.

If you’d like to find out how Bizink can help you, book a one-on-one demo with one of our website specialists.

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