Bizink + Slipstream Group

What's Slipstream Group?

Slipstream Group helps financial planners and accountants achieve their potential. Slipstream’s group coaching and business planning services assist firms to grow revenue, maximise profit, boost team engagement, enhance lifestyle and above all, help you run an improved version of your business.

What's Bizink?

Bizink makes accountants and financial planners incredible online. With websites, content and online marketing, they help accounting firms across the globe win more business, engage their clients and save time.

How do Bizink and Slipstream Group work together?


Bizink builds websites for advisors that reflect their expertise, Secret Sauce and helps attract their ideal clients.


Bizink helps Slipstream Group clients promote their firm online. Bizink clients get content, marketing tools and workflow integrations so marketing takes minutes, not hours.


Bizink offers special extras for Slipstream Group clients, including copywriting for About You, About Us and What We Believe website pages.


Bizink helps Slipstream Group customers with free education about online marketing.

It pays to think of your website as a 24/7 ambassador for your firm. As a matter of simple observation – we have never seen a world-class website developed by a working owner of an accounting or financial planning firm. In the majority of cases the best results come from enlisting the assistance of relevant, recommended professionals. Bizink is a web design company which is very familiar with the Slipstream Group house views on websites. The intention is that the end result is an outcome that you are proud of, whilst enjoying a smooth process during the development phase should you choose to engage Bizink to create your new website.

Scott Charlton – Director, Coaching, Slipstream Group

Compelling Client Case Studies with Scott Charlton

A recording of a webinar with Bizink and Slipstream Group

"Websites that work" - a conversation with Matt Wilkinson

Matt Wilkinson was a guest on the In the Slipstream FM podcast (Episode 51) for a conversation on “websites that work”. Listen to the episode here.

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