Streamline your firm with 39+ app integrations

app integrations

Improve workflow, boost efficiency and streamline your accounting or bookkeeping practice with a Bizink website

Bizink has integrated our websites with a number of apps that enable you to automate tasks, simplify your business and just get stuff done. This means you can instantly connect your Bizink website to the apps, programs and platforms you use everyday!

Below we’ve listed just some of the apps we seamlessly integrate with.


Email remains the #1 marketing resource, boasting an impressive ROI of $44 for every $1 spent. Don’t ignore its potential to reach and convert prospects into clients. Make sure your website is set up to capture visitor information quickly and easily, and then you can get emailing!

Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign, AWeber and MailChimp

Bizink websites make it easy for you to integrate with various email marketing apps. With integrations to Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign, AWeber and MailChimp, you can automatically add subscribers to your email marketing lists, create and populate custom fields, control opt-ins and double opt-ins when conditions are met and even resubscribe new subscribers if they have previously unsubscribed from your list.


Create powerful surveys on your website that allow you to easily interact with your users, collect feedback and analyse data on your target audience. You could create a survey to get client feedback, conduct market research, or assess employee satisfaction…anything is possible! It’s a powerful, seamless and easy to use marketing tool, all in the backend of your website!


Capsule, Zoho and Agile CRM

It’s important that you capture visitors information when they use your website so you can generate leads for your firm. Use a Bizink lead magnet or contact form to encourage visitors to leave their details and voila! their data will be instantly available in your CRM. You won’t have to worry about things falling through the cracks again!

Bizink websites integrate easily with powerful CRMs including Capsule, Zoho and Agile CRM. The integration can automatically create contacts and sales leads, update contact details, create tasks, and send auto responses all in your CRM. We also support built-in conditional logic so you only send data to your CRM when you want to.

With our impressive websites and these easy to use CRM solutions, leads can flow through your funnel easily.



With Bizink + Zapier there are endless possibilities. Our integration with Zapier allows you leverage over 1000+ web services and apps for your practice. Zapier integrates with Salesforce, Gmail and Practice Ignition, just to name a few. You can configure your Zap in Zapier to automate the boring stuff, then get back to the things you really need to be doing…what’s not to love?


Stay organised and integrate your Bizink website with Trello project management. You can easily create a Trello card in a list, assign cards to members of your team, apply existing labels to the card and assign a due date. We can also apply conditional logic so a card is only created when certain conditions are met. Streamline your business and improve your workflow with Bizink + Trello.


Ahh Slack…a Bizink favourite! Integrate your website with Slack to automatically send notifications to team members. Timely updates are important in your business and Slack makes it easy.


I’m sure you’ve heard of Dropbox already, but if you haven’t they’re an industry leader in cloud file storage solutions. Our Dropbox integration means visitors can upload files and send them to your Dropbox account.

Digital Signature

Capture signatures on your website by allowing users to sign forms when using a touchscreen device, touch pad or mouse. This integration is supported on all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, iOS, Android and Blackberry. There’s no need to install additional browser plugins either!


Stripe, Paypal Payments Pro and

Collecting payments from your customers just got easier! With Bizink’s integration with Stripe, Paypal and, you can automatically capture credit card payments, setup and sell products and services in minutes, setup and configure recurring payment subscriptions, create users and even create a blog post.

These integrations save you valuable time AND money! Book a one-on-one demo with our website specialists to find out more about Bizink websites.

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