We’ve got a new website (and we’re giving one away)

This month, we launched our new website. The old site had been long overdue an overhaul – it’s funny how as website builders, you don’t give enough attention to your own website.

We pretty happy with the new site but it’s your opinion that matters. So please leave a comment below telling us what you like or where you think we can improve.

And to celebrate the launch of new site, we’ve decided to give away a website to one accounting firm. Find out how you could win the site.

One response to “We’ve got a new website (and we’re giving one away)

  1. Hello Bizink!

    You really nailed with the new site! Sincerely. I especially like the landing page and your messages. I also really dig your use of icons/images and the consistent tone. No doubt this will only make accountants that much more incredible (online). Cheers!

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