Who’s your ideal prospect? – Month of Marketing webinar

If you’re marketing to everybody, you’re marketing to nobody. In this webinar, Matt Wilkinson of Bizink will reveal a system to identify your ideal prospect and help you win more of the right type of clients.

You’ll receive a free ideal prospect workbook which Matt will show you how to complete during the workshop. At the end, you should be clear on who is the best target for your marketing campaigns. No more scattergun marketing!

What you’ll Learn

  • Why you need to have focus in your marketing
  • Why focus doesn’t mean you can’t take on “standard” clients
  • How to identify your prospects’ pain points
  • How to match your services to what prospects really want

Free for all attendees

Free download of a marketing plan workbook


Matt Wilkinson, Bizink

Matt Wilkinson

Date & Time

Friday 1st September, AEST: 9am | NZ: 11 am

Thursday 31st August, PDT: 4pm | EDT: 7pm

If you can’t make it, register anyway and we’ll send you the slides and recording.

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