Why are websites important for accounting firms?

When Bizink launched in 2012, many “traditional” firms we spoke to were not convinced of the value of a website. Fast forward to now and it’s universally accepted that accounting firms must have a website. But why?

Here are the three key benefits of accounting firm website in order or importance:

1. It “seals the deal” with referrals

Word of mouth is most likely your most important source of new business. When a client refers someone to you, the first thing that person will do is fire your name into Google and do some due diligence using your website.

Making a great first impression “seals the deal” and means every referral becomes a client. Often these leads will contact you directly, so you’d never know the role your website played in converting them to a client. Consider asking “did you check out our website” as well as “where did you hear about us” when talking to leads.

2. It’s your marketing hub

While the number of ways to promote yourself online has expanded greatly in the last five years, the humble website is still your most important piece of digital real estate.

Whether you’re pumping out email campaigns, posting to social media or using more traditional marketing methods like events, all roads lead back to the website, a place for everything from sign up forms to blogs.

Marketing Hub

3. It’s a productivity booster

There are never enough hours in the day right? So increasing productivity is a big win. Smart firms use their websites to streamline their workflow, using things like appointment booking systems and onboarding forms to automate formerly manual jobs. We’ve even seen firms add training videos to their websites meaning less time answering the same questions, time and again via email or phone.

Three more benefits of your firm’s website

Aside from these three key benefits, here are other ways your website is an asset to your firm:

Attract good staff

For many firms, attracting good staff is a key challenge. If potential employees check out your site, what does it say about your firm?

Whether you like it or not, people judge on first impressions and it’s hard to shift a negative initial experience. The good news is that even small firms can have a great looking website that’s packed with personality.

Attract Staff

Motivating you and your team

This might seem like a stretch but bear with me. All good staff want to be part of a firm they are proud of. Your website is an outward reflection of their work and if it’s lacklustre, it has an impact on them. It should be something they’re excited to share with friends and family, not be embarrassed about.

This extends to you! At Bizink, we’ve been told by firm owners that the launch of their new website both motivated them and was a catalyst for their team.

Information for clients

From basic stuff like your contact details through to storing documents and tools that clients often need, your website should make it easy for clients to work with you. If you can train clients to use your website, you’re saving time for yourself and your admin team.

Time to refresh your website?

If you’d like your website to do all of the above, let’s talk. Bizink has built hundreds of websites for accountants from all over the world. We’ve developed a checklist of best practices that we incorporate into every website we build.

Make a time to chat with our team here.

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