Xerocon – get the most from social media at the Xero conference


Xerocon is all about technology and the accounting industry coming together and it has grown to become one of the biggest events of its kind. It’s a great coming together of professionals in the accounting space who are already using or interested in using cloud technology to further enhance their productivity, relationships and services.

Social media plays an important role at Xerocon – here’s our guide on how to use it during conference week.

The underlying theme of Xerocon focuses on the transformative nature of the accounting industry. Particularly, how an accountant’s job has shifted to providing more advisory and strategic advice to help businesses drive growth.

A vital part of Xerocon is the opportunity to learn from your industry peers, making networking vital. Face-to-face networking creates lasting impressions and can always lead to future opportunities for both parties, in terms of help, advice and business. It can also motivate you as to how you can go further in your business, you can learn by discussing common problems, or you can just expand your industry knowledge.

However, in the technological age we’re in, it’s also important to supplement this face-to-face networking with online networking as well. The most common way is through the utilisation of social media channels. With Xerocon, Twitter is the primary channel and even has it’s own popularly used hashtag #xerocon.

Prior to the conference

There’s always a lot of excitement around Xerocon and you can learn a lot about the upcoming event by watching the hashtag, looking at the Xero LinkedIn groups and also checking out their blog. It’s a good idea to do some preparation before you attend. If there’s specific attendees you’ve come across that you’d like to meet during the conference reach out to them on Twitter or LinkedIn and let them know with a tweet or message. With the conferences being so popular and busy, it’s important to reach out early to ensure you get to meet the people you’d like to.

It’s also important to ensure your social profiles are up to date. Make sure you have a recent profile photo so people know who they’re looking out for, your Twitter bio filled in so they know who you are and on LinkedIn your current and previous job experience. This way people can get a feel for who they are engaging with prior, during and after the conference.

During Xerocon

Instead of taking notes, many conference attendees simply tweet important aspects of each keynote, using the #xerocon hashtag. Not only will you record valuable information, but you can also engage with other conference attendees via twitter.

Keep a hold of any business cards you collect over the course of the time, if you have time during the conference connect with them on LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter. If you’re connecting with them on LinkedIn, make sure you personalise the invite to jog their memory of your conversation and continue on the memorable impression. If on Twitter, send out a simple nice to meet you tweet.

To help you in the future, you could start a Twitter list for “Inspiring Xerocon Attendees” or something of the like. Here you can add all of the contacts you made so you can always easily locate them and follow up on them if necessary. You can choose to make the list public or private too.

After Xerocon

Lastly, as with any networking and relationship-forming, make sure to stay connected with those that you meet. If you haven’t had a chance during the conference, make sure you tweet or connect with the people you met, while it is still fresh in your mind.

If you’d like to capture your experience, it’s always great to write a blog and share your key learnings or highlight some of the new contacts you made. While your clients may not be so interested in industry events, they would be interested to know what your company will be doing in the future as a result of your learnings from Xerocon, so don’t be afraid to post it on the company blog. It’s also great to circulate this on your Twitter account and in the appropriate LinkedIn groups as well.

We hope to see you at a Xerocon soon!


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